Name RAD1
Full Name Cell cycle checkpoint protein RAD1
Synonyms hRAD1, DNA repair exonuclease rad1 homolog, Rad1-like DNA damage checkpoint protein | REC1
Primary ID O60671
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Type protein
Relations 1
Function Component of the 9-1-1 cell-cycle checkpoint response complex that plays a major role in DNA repair (PubMed:10846170, PubMed:10884395). The 9-1-1 complex is recruited to DNA lesion upon damage by the RAD17-replication factor C (RFC) clamp loader complex (PubMed:12578958). Acts then as a sliding clamp platform on DNA for several proteins involved in long-patch base excision repair (LP-BER) (PubMed:15871698). The 9-1-1 complex stimulates DNA polymerase beta (POLB) activity by increasing its affinity for the 3'-OH end of the primer-template and stabilizes POLB to those sites where LP-BER proceeds; endonuclease FEN1 cleavage activity on substrates with double, nick, or gap flaps of distinct sequences and lengths; and DNA ligase I (LIG1) on long-patch base excision repair substrates (PubMed:15314187, PubMed:15556996, PubMed:15871698). The 9-1-1 complex is necessary for the recruitment of RHNO1 to sites of double-stranded breaks (DSB) occurring during the S phase (PubMed:21659603). Isoform 1 possesses 3'->5' double stranded DNA exonuclease activity (PubMed:9660799).



Regulator Mechanism target score
+ up-regulates img/direct-activation.png binding TOPBP1 0.14
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens