The SIGnaling Network Open Resource

Programmatic Access

SIGNOR offers the following ways to access data programmatically through REST APIs

URLData TypesParameters
/getData.php?Interaction Data, tab-separated
  • id: MANDATORY – the ID of the searched entity (UniprotKB ID for proteins, PubChem ID for chemicals or small molecules, SIGNOR-ID for SIGNOR entities)

  • organism: NON-MANDATORY (default = Homo sapiens) the organism (tax ID for either Homo sapiens, Mus musculus or Rattus norvegicus) the interactions take place in
/getUniprotIDs.phpList of all UniprotKB entities curated in SIGNOR interactions (by ID)
/getPathwayData.phpPathway Data, tab-separated
  • pathway: the value identifies SIGNOR ID assigned to pathway. If used alone, it links to pathway information. In conjunction with other parameters, these will apply to the chosen pathway.

  • description: does not take a value, links to pathway descriptions. If pathway perimeter is defined, shows only description for single pathway.

  • relations: if no pathway is indicated, it shows all pathway relations. If a pathway is indicated and this parameter is added with no value, it will add pathway relations to result. To show only relations from a pathway, use "only" value for this parameter.

SINGLE Pathway Info:

SINGLE Pathway Relations:

SINGLE Pathway Info + Relations:
ALL Pathway Descriptions:

ALL Pathway Relations:
ALL Pathway Data: