Name MMP10
Full Name Stromelysin-2
Synonyms SL-2, Matrix metalloproteinase-10, MMP-10, Transin-2 | STMY2
Primary ID P09238
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Type protein
Relations 3
Function Can degrade fibronectin, gelatins of type I, III, IV, and V; weakly collagens III, IV, and V. Activates procollagenase.


Modifications Tables


Regulator Mechanism target score
+ down-regulates quantity by destabilization img/direct_inhibition.png cleavage HAPLN1 0.14
Publications: 2 Organism: In Vitro
+ up-regulates quantity by expression img/indirect-activation.png transcriptional regulation MMP10 0.14
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens