Name MSN
Full Name Moesin
Synonyms Membrane-organizing extension spike protein
Primary ID P26038
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Type protein
Relations 6
Function Probably involved in connections of major cytoskeletal structures to the plasma membrane. May inhibit herpes simplex virus 1 infection at an early stage. Plays a role in regulating the proliferation, migration, and adhesion of human lymphoid cells and participates in immunologic synapse formation (PubMed:27405666).


Modifications Tables


Regulator Mechanism target score
+ img/unknown.png phosphorylation MSN 0.22
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens
+ down-regulates img/direct_inhibition.png phosphorylation MSN 0.28
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens
+ up-regulates img/direct-activation.png phosphorylation MSN 0.28
Publications: 2 Organism: Homo Sapiens
Tissue: Brain
+ up-regulates activity img/direct-activation.png phosphorylation MSN 0.14
Publications: 1 Organism: Chlorocebus Aethiops
+ form complex img/form-complex.png binding MSN/PDZD8 0.14
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens