Name FKBP8
Full Name Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FKBP8
Synonyms PPIase FKBP8, 38 kDa FK506-binding protein, 38 kDa FKBP, FKBP-38, hFKBP38, FK506-binding protein 8, FKBP-8, FKBPR38, Rotamase | FKBP38
Primary ID Q14318
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Type protein
Relations 3
Function Constitutively inactive PPiase, which becomes active when bound to calmodulin and calcium. Seems to act as a chaperone for BCL2, targets it to the mitochondria and modulates its phosphorylation state. The BCL2/FKBP8/calmodulin/calcium complex probably interferes with the binding of BCL2 to its targets. The active form of FKBP8 may therefore play a role in the regulation of apoptosis.



Regulator Mechanism target score
+ down-regulates img/direct_inhibition.png binding FKBP8
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens
+ down-regulates activity img/direct_inhibition.png gtpase-activating protein FKBP8 0.89
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens
+ down-regulates img/direct_inhibition.png binding MTOR 0.20
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens