Name P2RX7
Full Name P2X purinoceptor 7
Synonyms P2X7, ATP receptor, P2Z receptor, Purinergic receptor
Primary ID Q99572
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Type protein
Relations 3
Inhibitors GW 791343 HYDROCHLORIDE
Function Receptor for ATP that acts as a ligand-gated ion channel. Responsible for ATP-dependent lysis of macrophages through the formation of membrane pores permeable to large molecules. Could function in both fast synaptic transmission and the ATP-mediated lysis of antigen-presenting cells. In the absence of its natural ligand, ATP, functions as a scavenger receptor in the recognition and engulfment of apoptotic cells (PubMed:21821797, PubMed:23303206).



Regulator Mechanism target score
+ up-regulates img/direct-activation.png binding P2RX7
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens
+ up-regulates img/indirect-activation.png unknown PLD2 0.29
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens
+ down-regulates img/direct_inhibition.png chemical inhibition P2RX7
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens