Name KLF9
Full Name Krueppel-like factor 9
Synonyms Basic transcription element-binding protein 1, BTE-binding protein 1, GC-box-binding protein 1, Transcription factor BTEB1 | BTEB, BTEB1
Primary ID Q13886
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Type protein
Relations 2
Function Transcription factor that binds to GC box promoter elements. Selectively activates mRNA synthesis from genes containing tandem repeats of GC boxes but represses genes with a single GC box. Acts as an epidermal circadian transcription factor regulating keratinocyte proliferation (PubMed:22711835).



Regulator Mechanism target score
+ up-regulates activity img/direct-activation.png binding SIN3A 0.14
Publications: 1 Organism: Cricetulus Griseus
+ up-regulates quantity by expression img/direct-activation.png transcriptional regulation KLF9 0.14
Publications: 1 Organism: Mus Musculus