Name CDK16
Full Name Cyclin-dependent kinase 16
Synonyms Cell division protein kinase 16, PCTAIRE-motif protein kinase 1, Serine/threonine-protein kinase PCTAIRE-1 | PCTAIRE1, PCTK1
Primary ID Q00536
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Type protein
Relations 1
Function Protein kinase that plays a role in vesicle-mediated transport processes and exocytosis. Regulates GH1 release by brain neurons. Phosphorylates NSF, and thereby regulates NSF oligomerization. Required for normal spermatogenesis. Regulates neuron differentiation and dendrite development (By similarity). Plays a role in the regulation of insulin secretion in response to changes in blood glucose levels. Can phosphorylate CCNY at 'Ser-336' (in vitro).


Modifications Tables


Regulator Mechanism target score
+ down-regulates img/direct_inhibition.png phosphorylation CDK16 0.54
Publications: 1 Organism: Homo Sapiens
Tissue: Brain