Glucocorticoid Receptor

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Description: Glucocorticoids are steroid hormones involved in various metabolic and homeostatic functions. They are synthesized by the adrenal cortex and their physiological and pharmacological actions are mediated through binding with the glucocorticoid receptor (GR). The glucocorticoid receptor, also known as NR3C1, translocates in the nucleus and modulates, positively or negatively, the transcription of thousands of genes by direct binding to DNA response elements and/or by physically associating with other transcription factors.

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21 Seed Entities

Name Primary ID
betamethasone CID:9782
budesonide CID:5281004
CAV1 Q03135
cortisone CID:222786
Dehydroepiandrosterone CID:5881
dexamethasone CID:5743
GLI1 P08151
HNF4A P41235
JUN P05412
LCK P06239
MAPK1 P28482
MAPK14 Q16539
MAPK3 P27361
MAPK8 P45983
methylprednisolone CID:6741
NCOA1 Q15788
NFKB1 P19838
NR3C1 P04150
prednisolone CID:5755
prednisone CID:5865
SMO Q99835